Tweaks Botol V7. Gaming and Multitasking (Batery Life) Android

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 Tweak Botol V7 Gaming and Multitasking

Have you ever lost a game because your phone is lagging? or ever when running the social media application suddenly Force Close?.

Okay, this time I will share a Tweaks for your Android Phone so that it is smooth playing games and multitasking when running applications, this tweak is the 7th version of "Tweaks Bottle" which this tweak was popular among low-end android phones.
tweak botol gaming and Multitasking

What are the features of this V7 Bottle Tweaks? Some interesting features are present here starting from the accelerated processor work and the addition of a Memory Swap which allows you to run various applications at the same time or what can be called (Multitasking),

 Below are the features:

  • Game mode
  • Multitastking mode
  • RAM BOOSTER seat
  • Swap RAM
  • Internet GSM faster (download upto 30MBps)
  • Page loading speed (upto 22Mbps ++)
  • Streaming Video Faster
  • No buffering when streaming Video
  • CPU Governor Maximum CPU Performance
  • Automatic remove cache
  • Entropy tweaks sleep mode (upto 2000 ++ value)
  • Loppy smoothesh
  • Kernel tweaks
  • Vm and file system
  • Tweak Sqilite optimize
  • Zipalign optimize
  • Tweak Gaming Anti Broken7
  • Build.prop Tweak

Download Link

After you see the features and explanation of these Tweaks, do you intend to continue? if so, you just have to download it below.

How to Install these Tweaks?

After downloading maybe you ask how to install it? Easy, you guys look carefully, yes the install tutorial is below:
  1. First, your Android must be ROOT and TWRP Recovery installed.
  2. Second, you download the Tweaks above.
  3. Reboot your Android into Recovery or TWRP.
  4. Then Directly Install the Zip File Tweaks that was downloaded earlier.
  5. After the installation process, Reboot your Android.
  6. Done.

Already tested and successful on Android Samsung Galaxy J2 and Advan S4F, Hopefully Helpful and Thank you.

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