Custom ROM Komodo OS for Xiaomi Redmi 4A (Rolex)


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Back again on my blog by sharing the latest custom rom updates every day, okay this time I will share again cistom rom komodo os for xioami redmi 4a or with code name (Rolex).
Okay, before discussing the custom rom, let's discuss the specifications of this xiaomi redmi 4a or this rolex.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is an entry-level class smartphone which was quite popular in its time. This is inseparable from the affordable price and competitive specifications in its class.

Not only that, this phone is also supported by unique features such as Mi Remote with the presence of an infrared blaster. The Xiaomi Redmi 4A mobile phone was launched globally in November 2016 and entered Indonesia at the end of 2016.

Currently there are still some sellers in e-commerce who sell the Xiaomi Redmi 4A smartphone at a price of around IDR 1 million.

The physical appearance of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A smartphone is quite attractive with a polycarbonate or plastic casing. At first glance, the appearance is similar to the Redmi 4X with thinner dimensions and lighter weight.

However, the build quality is pretty solid. Xiaomi provides Redmi 4A with support for a 5-inch HD resolution screen with an IPS panel and still carries a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

The screen of this phone is capable of emitting quite bright and sharp colors. Unfortunately, this phone screen is not equipped with anti-scratch protection.

Just like other Xiaomi smartphones, Redmi 4A uses the MIUI 10 interface which uses the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system base. Even though it gets regular MIUI updates, this phone has yet to get an upgrade to the newer Android.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4A is equipped with a fairly standard capacity battery in its class, namely 3120mAh. One of the advantages of this Xiaomi Redmi 4A is that it is equipped with an infrared blaster on the top side.

The infrared blaster allows Redmi 4A to function as a universal remote for home electronic equipment, such as a TV or AC. The performance of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A was quite adequate in its time and is still sufficient for today's communication needs.

This phone relies on the support of the Snapdragon 425 chipset with a quad-core concept with a speed of 1.4 GHz and 2GB of RAM. The gaming capabilities of Redmi 4A are quite reliable with GPU support from the Adreno 308.

Komodo OS

This is a Custom ROM with all the Local Wisdom from Indonesia, Komodo OS is an Android operating system built on the basis of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which is tailored with optimal features and configurations. We update regularly the latest AOSP sources monthly.

Features ROM

  • Perfomance: Focuses on speed and stability with tweaks for specific applications
  • Customization: We've included lots of options for customization and themes.
  • Security: Regular security updates
  • Battery Friendly: Additional options are provided to help adjust battery consumption to the best level.

Komodo OS Download Link

How to Install Komodo OS ?

  1. First you download all the files above.
  2. Then Reboot Your Phone into Recovery (TWRP).
  3. After Entering Recovery, Full Wipe Your Phone (System, Data, Cache, Dalvik).
  4. After Wipe, Install Zip ROM first and then Gapps.
  5. When the installation process is complete, reboot your mobile system.
  6. First Boot usually takes 10-20 minutes.


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